Investment funds in Poland / Central Europe

Investment funds in Poland / Central Europe

An investment fund is a legal person whose sole area of activity is the collective investment of capital raised from the public – and also through private offerings, in instances defined in the Act on investment funds of 27 May 2004 – of offering the sale of units or investment certificates, in the securities, money market instruments and other property rights defined in the Act.

In Poland only an investment fund formed pursuant to the Act has the right and obligation to use the expression "investment fund", an abbreviation of this expression, or the abbreviations in its name, advertisements, or for the purpose of defining its business activities. This restriction does not apply to the national investment funds created under the Act on National Investment Funds and their Privatisation of 30 April 1993 (Journal of Laws No. 44, item 202, with subsequent amendments).

[Legal basis: The act on investment funds of 27 May 2004]

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