Registered partnership in Poland

Registered partnership in Poland


Its one of the most popular forms of business activity in Poland due to its cost i.e. a deed of partnership doesn’t require a notary deed form. A deed of partnership needs to be in writing and later registration in National Court Register is required.


In the course of trade registered partnership is one of the cheapest companies due to its lack of formalities and partial regulation in Commercial Code leaves quite a big margin of discretion to its owners, for instance it doesn’t have any capital requirements.


It is represented by its partners or an appointed proxy. Registered partnership doesn’t have a legal personality, but it does have a legal capacity instead. In fact it may acquire rights in its own name as well as sue or be sued.


The above-mentioned margin of discretion could be a disadvantage in the event of large scale business or disputes among the owners. In register partnership partners are fully liable for the debts and obligations of the company.


To establish this form of activity at least to two persons or legal persons are required.



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