Professional Partnership in Poland

Professional Partnership in Poland


Under Polish Law professional partnership is a form of partnership, which is available only to following self-employed professionals: advocate, pharmacist, architect, construction engineer, statutory auditor, insurance broker, tax advisor, stock-broker, investment advisor, accountant, doctor, dentist, vet, notary, nurse, midwife, attorney-at-law, patent attorney, expert in real estate and sworn translator.


Professional partnership doesn’t have a legal personality, but it does have a legal capacity instead. In fact it may acquire rights in its own name as well as sue or be sued.


To establish a personal partnership a deed of partnership is required in writing and later registration in National Court Register. The establishment costs are quite low, because the notary form is not required for professional partnership.


Partner in professional partnership is not liable for debts and obligations arose in relation to other partners undertaking their professional activity, as well as for actions or omissions of employees who worked under supervision of another partner at the time of providing a service related to the company’s business. Each partner is fully liable for all other other debts and obligations. In addition in deed of partnership partners may broaden the scope of their responsibility, to the level of Professional partnership.


Professional partnership may be represented by partners, an appointed proxy or Management Board.


To establish a professional partnership at least two individuals entitled to pursue their profession.



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