Company Formation in Poland

Company Formation in Poland


An economic activity in Poland can be conducted in the form of:


– a business activity;

partnership company, that is a registered partnership, or a professional partnership, or a limited partnership, or a limited joint-stock partnership;

capital company, that is a limited liability company, or a joint-stock company.


EU-citizens and nationals of EFTA countries belonging to ECC can benefit from the same rules as Polish citizens. However not every form of activity is available to non-nationals.


A foreign persons can conduct business activity in Poland in the form of: limited partnership; limited joint-stock partnership; limited liability company; joint-stock company. They are also allowed to start their own individual business activity.


In addition a foreign entrepreneur can open a branch office or a representative office in Poland.


The most common and preferable for the foreign entrepreneur is a limited liability company.


We can also help you to establish a virtual office in Poland.





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