Personal business activity in Poland

Personal business activity in Poland


Personal business activity is the most basic form of conducting economic activity in Poland. Its main advantages are the simplicity, lack of formalities and preferential taxation. It is solely dedicated to individuals, thus corporations are not allowed to establish a personal business activity.


In general, establishing a business activity requires merely entering into the register of economic activity and then obtaining statistical number (REGON) and tax identification number (NIP). Fees for entry and actual time required for establishment may vary depending on the Polish city. In Warsaw the motion for entering into the register is free of charge and REGON number can be obtained immediately.


Business activity has no legal personality, therefore any obligations are taken in the name of the owner. In addition business activity can have only one owner. Its main disadvantage is the liability of the owner for obligations taken for the purposes of activity.


In general the whole process to register business activity along with obtaining NIP and REGON in Warsaw takes about 2 weeks.




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